Saturday, September 18, 2010

El Penal

This is a completely random series of pictures.  Figured I should share some since I am lying all day in my hotel, watching college football.  Regional meetings are an awesome excuse to get a real bed, a hot shower or nine, and some internet.

Fiesta day in Catache:

Random - I think from a bis ride between Santa Cruz and Catache:

Fireworks for sale:

Making aji on rocks in the campo:

This is an eight story tall tower of fireworks.  They spend all day building these things and then they burn them down at like 2am.  They are extremely impressive.  See all the little spinny thingies and there are flapping birds on top and a waterfall thingie.  It all animates on fire:

Nightclub in Caja City on FBT.  Volunteer buddies and random Swiss grad student:

We do a lot of hiking.  This is Ashley, she is the closest volunteer to me:

Good buddies Ashley, Ellen, Biz, and Ryan:

Screaming Mummy:

It's the smallest soda ever:

Ryan made it:

My baby sister Sylvana, after playing in the coal pile:


Night in the Wasteland, near the end of training:

Very dramatic flower pictures from my hikes:

Ash and Mark and my bday feast:

That's my town from the top of the mountain.  The trail disappeared and we just bailed up the side of the mountain.  It was pretty good.  Cows.

I don't ever feel like blogging anymore.  Coming back to town on the first, I think.  Will update maybe then.

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