Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Días normales.

My family and I - my brothers are absolute GIANTS in this country.

Breakfasting with my little bro.

Went to throw something away but it looks like some cuyes get the trashcan this day.

Cuyes and clothesline steak.  I took this photo from the breakfast table.

My mom was making eels or something and I was making a pancake with chin chins.

My anticucho lady in my plaza.  Best anticucho ever.

Movie night with the kiddies.

Some Science Club kids at movie night.

Getting ready for movies at the Muni.

Kids crying.  Science Club learned a valuable lesson:  Do not show pregnant woman slasher porn at childrens movie night.

My little entreprenuer girls working on their epic business plan.

Mom, bro, and buddies in from Lima.

My bro always gets me out with him when he comes to town.

They installed a fire hydrant in my town - which is just weird as there are no firefighters or a fire truck.  It is right near the colegio and it didn't take long for them to figure out how to open it up.  Whee.

This guy spent 40 minutes trying to close it but mostly just getting really wet.  It was hilarious.

It was the biggest excitement in my town i na very long time.

He eventually got it closed to a lot of cheering.  I walked by half an hour later and it was open again.

My Science Club is actually a Science, Technology, and Environment Club and they made this for their school.

Fiestas Patrias celebrations in my plaza.

Early morning running buddy.

More running friends.

Jesus Zack.

Just Zacking around.  I am making a Zackumentary.

Annie.  In sleeping bag.

I found him like this.

Inexplicable couch spinning hilarity.

Relax-y Chota.

Found him here again three hours later.

Two weeks after we despedida-ed Christi, we despedida-ed Lisa.  We actually went out for this one!  To the one bar in Chota.

We got all pretty before we went out.  Paid off too - the guys at the next table bought us peanuts!

Delicious peanuts.


And the inevitable 2am caldo.  This is something I will really miss about this country.  From 2am til dawn, soup stands pop up everywhere to fend off hangovers.  And its so delicious.

Pretty Chota.  I don't know how I will survive without Lisa.

The end.

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