Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photos. Because I don't care to write anymore.

I learned to make cheese.  We do lots of things with it in Chota now.  This is fresh ricotta.  It's delicious.

Here we are assembling calzones with it.  Roasted red pepper and tomato sauce.  Also delicious.

Microfinance meeting in the middle of the market.

Teaching.  An unbelieveably frustrating process here.

Starting to prepare the mural project with my geeky girl club.

Super geeky girls.  I love them.

This was inexplicable parade #408, I think.

Map of the province almost done.  We are in the yellow district.

Starting country map.

End of another day.

Beginning of yet another day.  My geeky girls work while my brother and his dorky friends play video games.

My mom brought us all out tamale snacks and juice.

This is my please-don't-put-anymore-paint-in-my-hair,-girls face.

The end of yet another day.

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