Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reacciones a las Vacunas, Telenovelas, y Voluntarios Perdidos

I just read that last post and it was both awful and boring.  Apologies.  I am in this constant hurry and I was writing that while trying to spend some quality time with my family.  I am in a lower level Spanish and focusing on  conversation takes it out of me.  It didn't help that it took a few minutes to load each of those pictures, so I was just scrambling in a few words in between each, trying to get it done.  This weekend I will load pics all at once, so that I can just walk away from the computer for awhile and let it do its thing.

Everything is going swimmingly here.  I didn't realize quite how rusty my Spanish really was after six years since last use, but it is coming back remarkably quickly and I have faith that I will be fully conversational by the end of training in ten weeks.  Our days are packed.  I wake around 6:30, shower and then eat breakfast with my siblings that varies from half an avocado to today's was a scrambled egg with a sliced up hotdog in it.  Awesome.  Then I take about a twenty minute walk to the next comunidad over to the Training Center.  We spend all day there.  Various classes - about half the day on Spanish split in little groups, big classes on Security procedures and big classes on the millions of friggin' diseases that are available to us here.  During all of this, we get randomly pulled out to meet with program directors or get MORE SHOTS.  So far it has been a shot in each arm, each day.  Yesterday I accidentally piled my typhoid shot right on top of the day before's rabies shot.  The rabies arm was still sore, then a bunch of us got a sweet reaction to the typhoid shot and my arm was all but useless the rest of the day.

Today I am having lunch at home with my mom and need to run off in a minute to head back to Chiclacayo.  I live in Huascaran.  It is cute and tiny.  There are dogs on every roof, dust friggin' everywhere, and little kids in cute school uniforms.  Also, the dogs here wear clothes.  I tried to explain to someone how dogs in America don't wear clothes and they thought that was hilarious.

Crap.  Gotta run.  Oh yeah, I participated in the procession of the Sacred Heart of Jesus yesterday in Chiclacayo - a few of us were watching and they yelled to us that it was our turn to carry the giant colorful Christ thingie.  So about eight of us jumped on the poles and hauled it a block or so.  Will post pics.

Ok, I am gonna be late for my next shots.  Hasta la pasta.

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  1. Have you ever thought of becoming a Nun??? Just wondering.